When we started planning our destination wedding, as a groom I was given the task to look for a local photographer in Cebu. As a avid photographer myself, I started reviewing all these different websites of Cebu photographers. I ran into Christian’s websites and I saw his work. I knew right there and then that these are photos that I want. Very clean, no fancy editing and he uses a lot of natural lighting. I started following his work on social media and I became a FAN .I just can’t wait for our turn to be on the front his lens .? My wife did the leg work of the business side of it , and it was just easy. And the finish product, OMG, we were blown away with his work. His photos and videos were the definitely the highlight of our wedding. They just don’t take pictures , they CAPTURE the emotions behind those photos. Just AMAZING skill and talent. Very professional in every detail of there work. My family which is also are my entourage really enjoyed working with them. My bride and my family just can’t thank him enough. Again, Thank You Christian. Well Done.

Coleen & Seigfred
Newyork, USA